Dear Business Leaders and Career Seekers,

If you had told me 10 years ago I would spend a majority of my career in the restaurant industry, I would have said you were crazy. In my search for a meaningful profession, I went down many paths - seminary, the tech industry, even medicine - but I never once imagined a leadership role at a Chick-fil-A would ignite my passion and launch a career in entrepreneurship like it has.

Throughout my time in the restaurant, both as a Director and later as a spouse co-operating a franchise in Southern California, I was always moved by the brand’s emphasis on mission above profits and how ordinary people could see their lives changed through the unique opportunities Chick-fil-A provides. In the past couple years, it started to become obvious there was a struggle to fill positions in the restaurant with people who shared that passion and for mission-driven individuals who didn’t intimately know the brand to be drawn to Chick-fil-A. 

It was this gap that drove my partners and I to start Cooper Connect, a recruiting company dedicated to connecting Humanitarian Plus companies with mission-driven leaders. Our hope is to unite leaders with organizations that share a common purpose, allowing the company’s vision to flourish and the individual to grow closer to their vocation. We want to create opportunities through recruiting where everyone wins, where people come first, and with organizations who are about more than the bottom line. 

For the passionate leaders out there looking to make an impact, we see you and we’re excited to walk alongside you towards your next career move. And for the companies who find joy in putting people first, we hear you and can’t wait to support you in finding the next leader to grow your business.

Enjoy the journey,

Travis Cooper

Founder & Chief Visionary Officer, Cooper Connect